Students and businesses alike may have questions about internship programs.  Below are a few questions and answers that may clarify how to proceed.


In general...

Is my business, college or university eligible to participate in Connex?

The Westchester Putnam Internship Connex was developed specifically for Westchester- and Putnam-based businesses to connect with students currently enrolled in Westchester or Putnam colleges and universities. At this time, only local colleges, employers and students are eligible to participate in the program.


Students may ask...

What level of degree do I have to be working towards in order to participate?

Connex encourages students from all fields of study and all degree levels to participate. One of Connex greatest strengths is the diversity of experience of its participating students. Whether you are working towards an associates or doctorate degree, you are welcome to join Connex to find your internship opportunity.


Businesses may ask...

How far in advance should I register post my company's internship opportunity?

Connex is designed to allow businesses to post their internship opportunities at any time throughout the calendar year. While there are always students seeking internships, it is recommended that businesses post opportunities at least six weeks before the beginning of the semester/trimester. Posting in advance gives students and businesses time for the application and approval process, And, students can then work the internship responsiblities into their course schedules. Additionally, some students may get college credit for their internships and may be required to find an internship during the same term as the respective class.

Should my business offer paid or unpaid internships?  

In June 2013, a U.S. District Court federal judge came down with a landmark ruling that two unpaid interns working on the movie “Black Swan” were entitled to wages and were wrongly unpaid.  Since this ruling, a national discussion has been occurring over the practice of employers hiring unpaid interns.

Westchester Putnam Internship Connex encourages participating employers to offer paid internship opportunities.  However, when electing to offer an unpaid internship be certain you carefully review and seek counsel to ensure your business is in compliance with state and federal labor laws.  For more information visit:

U.S. Department of Labor Fact Sheet on Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act

New York State Department of Labor Wage Requirements for Interns in For-Profit Businesses

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"The Westchester Putnam Internship Connex is a dynamic, one-stop portal designed to connect locally enrolled college and university students with local internship opportunities at area employers in Westchester and Putnam Counties.The Internship Connex Web site helps students break into their field of study and prepares them to enter the workforce post graduation, while providing local employers with immediate support and a long-term recruitment pool of educated and talented workers. We hope this tool serves our students and businesses well."

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